Breakfast in Hotel Otto Berlin

fresh, seasonal, homemade,
regional, healthy & delicious

Our lounge "Etage07" with views over the city rooftops is the perfect place for a leisurely breakfast. Vegetarians and vegans also have plenty to choose from at the OTTO. Inform us about allergies and intolerances prior to arrival and our team will prepare something suitable for you.



SlowFood Deutschland e.V., Logo

There are so many industrially processed foods for which you cannot know how they are produced or where the ingredients come from, that slow food's work cannot be appreciated and supported enough. The following sentence by Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini describes very succinctly what the association is committed to: "I want to know the story of a dish. I want to know where the food comes from. I like to imagine the hands of those who have grown, processed and cooked what I eat." Slow Food isn’t just a sign on our breakfast buffet, it’s a philosophy and we are proud to be supporters of Slow Food Germany e.V. and of consistently implementing its philosophy.


ProVeg International, Logo

ProVeg is an international food organization committed to representing the interests of vegetarians and vegans, and striving for a world where everyone decides on pleasurable and healthy food that is good for all people, animals and our planet. With effective campaigns, ProVeg helps consumers implement enjoyable and healthy diets, working with the most influential multipliers in politics, business and society to accelerate the shift to a sustainable lifestyle. To achieve this, a powerful global movement is essential, which is why we became an official ProVeg partner in 2017.

Vegan Welcome

Vegan Welcome, Logo

Vegan Welcome is a project of Veggie Hotels, the first hotel platform for purely vegetarian and vegan hotels. The goal of Vegan Welcome is to provide all vegan and vegetarian nutrition travelers with an even wider range of homes with a reliable vegan offer and to facilitate the search for suitable accommodations.

365 days, breafast for 18 €. © Hotel Otto

savory breakfast

sausage from our favourite 

butcher from the Black Forrest 

Berliner Frikadellen 

warm Wieners 

fresh fish from the Berliner

Lachsmanufaktur & Havelland trout 

an exquisite soft and hard cheese selection 

selected breads and breadrolls, 

variety of gluten free & vegan options

We support Slow Food. © Hotel Otto
Etage07. © Hotel Otto
Etage07. © Hotel Otto
Vegane paste. © Hotel Otto
Home made marmalades. © Hotel Otto
Vegane paste. © Hotel Otto
Breads. © Hotel Otto
Mmmhhh! Slow Food at its very best. © Hotel Otto
Vegane drinks. © Hotel Otto
Smoothies, Breakfast. © Hotel Otto
52 weeks ever changing specialties. © Hotel Otto
Fruit salad. © Hotel Otto
Etage07. © Hotel Otto
Home made juice. © Hotel Otto
Etage07. © Hotel Otto
Blueberries. © Hotel Otto
Herbs. © Hotel Otto
Limonades. © Hotel Otto
Home made marmalades. © Hotel Otto

sweet breakfast

home made cake

freshly baked croissants &

sweet pastries

fresh pancakes

home made jams

bio-quality cereal

curd cheese &

a big yoghurt selection

daily fresh fruit &

fruit salad prepared by hand

Fruit salad. © Hotel Otto
Free. Water, Tea, Caffee, Cake. © Hotel Otto
Etage07. © Hotel Otto

vegetarian & vegan breakfast

fresh seasonal salads, raw foods,
veggie patties,
veggie quiche and

Vegane paste. © Hotel Otto
Croissant. © Hotel Otto
Fruits, Melons. © Hotel Otto
Vegan paste. © Hotel Otto
Müssli, Fruits, Cold drinks. © Hotel Otto